module 10 (bonus module): Multidimensional

In this bonus module, you will discover how to use work with Time and Space to create immediate and long lasting energetic shifts and transformations. 

You will discover: 

• How the human mind stores memories and how to use these mechanics for energy work;

• Energetic process for clearing your past of unresolved emotions and limiting decisions and how to shift your past for ultimate flow in the present and future; 

• How to use the illusion of Space to create immediate shifts in perception and Energy; 

• How we frame time with our language and how to use our language to shift unhelpful perceptions, which prevent us from reaching our goals, and create meaningful change;

• How the human mind processes the Future and how to shift this so you can become a powerful magnet to your intentions; and 

• The energetic process for turning your grandest intentions for your future into an inevitability – no ifs, buts or maybes! 


As EBM clients / certified practitioners you are not licensed to use Timeline TherapyTM with your clients as it is a trademarked process.

Unless you have been trained specifically as an NLP and Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner you are not licensed to use these techniques or advertise that you do so.

Multidimensional Energetics Module is for personal use only.

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Part two: