module 5: Energetic Marketing

When it comes to marketing your coaching business, your words will communicate SOME things. But your energy will communicate EVERYTHING.

In this module, we dive into how you can move away from the ‘hustle, hustle, hustle’ mentality and instead, unleash the power of your energy to effortlessly attract your high-value coaching clients. 

You will discover how to:  

• Unlock an avalanche of your next level coaching clients that will be a dream to work with, and will be always happy to pay your fees.

• Create coaching packages and programmes that will be a dream to market and sell.

• Get aligned with charging high-level coaching fees and multiply your ability to serve and receive.

Once you integrate the principles of Energetic Marketing shared in this module, you will truly revolutionise your marketing, and bring a lot more ease into building a thriving and ever-growing coaching business.