module 8: metaphors, symbolism & change

In the final module, we will dive deeper into two aspects of how energy communicates: metaphors and symbolism. 

You will discover: 

• The purpose of metaphors in creating our reality – and how to use them to alter our reality at will.

• The impact of storytelling on our consciousness. 

• How to design powerful coaching metaphors to help your clients to change from within.

• How energy communicates through symbols – and how to use this communication to unlock the ultimate FLOW – for yourself and your clients. 

The teachings in this module will turn you into a “master painter” – metaphorically speaking! One who is able to recognise ALL shades of colours (all forms of your and your client’s communication); one who can create on the canvas of life a true masterpiece… your highest levels of impact, income, purpose… the highest level of FLOW!